Corporate Consulting

Your first step towards Central and Eastern Europe with Swissvert 

Corporate Consulting done by best experts of Swissvert is your prelude to enter the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

A qualified corporate consulting will be provided when you decide to apply for the services of our representation. 

This will allow you to get an access to our more than 30 years’ experience gained in the sphere of auto parts.

Being represented by Swissvert will enable you to achieve all your goals.


We offer a full-service representation: we accompany you during your entering the new markets, while making a preliminary analysis and suggesting you the right strategy to reach your goals.

We will accompany you day after day, supporting, promoting and managing every detail of your presence as Aftermarket Company in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Whatever your business is, whether it is large or small, we will find the right way to value it. We are proud of variety of our partnerships: more than 50 companies relied on Swissvert to be represented in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The added value of Swissvert: more than 30 years’ experience with more than 50 represented companies

Mature experience in one field means the deep understanding of each and every detail. Swissvert have mastered a unique knowledge in the Aftermarket industry, because we have had an opportunity to represent a lot of companies, where each company has been different from another. 

One thing is common for all these companies – it is merchandise reference field  together with the aim to achieve the success in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless, as far as organizational structure, size and turnover are concerned, we are talking about completely different companies, each of them with their own peculiarities. Thus, Swissvert developed unique skills and ability to face, day after day, new challenges for the success of companies that we represent.

Commercial Management

Swissvert as your Partner: Your sales management, customer service and logistics for selected countries

What's new

You'll find the whole experience of Swissvert into useful pills: dynamics of the local market, news from the auto parts industry in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and much more.