Customer service: the flagship of the integrated service representative of Swissvert 

After-sale Customer service:  an important part of services offered by Swissvert for all the business partners we represent in Aftermarket industry in East and Central Europe countries.

The one and only (unique) integrated service offered by Swissvert


Swissvert is a marketing company that leads to success  in Aftermarket industry  in  Central and Eastern European countries . We accompany you from the very first days and follow you step-by-step, eager  to reach the goals fixed  along with you.

Our services  start  from the personalized business  consulting offered to your company, taking into account the specific and particular needs of your company, its size and structure and long –term goals, that lead to a business plan definition accompanied by winning -business strategy.

The representation of Swissvert is being carried out by means of commercial management and logistics, together with promotion of the brand.

Finally, a partnership with Swissvert is being completed with integrated customer service, which facilitates and speeds up every process, meeting the expectations of both end-customers and the represented Company.

Customer service and after-sales service.

The importance of our Customers and their needs are crucial to ensure the excellent service and maintain the high quality standards. For this reason, the efficient, rapid and polite Customer service is the absolute priority for Swissvert.

Benefits for our business partners:

The companies represented by us can rely on Swissvert in case of necessity to solve any doubts or carry out any issues as if they did it in person but with considerable advantages:

  • providing Swissvert with relative autonomy and freedom in decision-making, you save your time and energy by  means of delegating the solution of certain issues to us;
  • thanks to more than 20 years’ experience in the same  field (Aftermarket / Auto parts) and in the same market (Central and Eastern European  countries ), Swissvert has developed  a deep know-how and unique experience on how to manage whatever situation in the best possible way;

Benefits for our customers

We guarantee the high-level After-sales Assistance to our customers.

  • Only one Interlocutor for various companies: in this way the complexity of relationships is being decreased and the global vision is being facilitated;
  • Quick solution of any issue thanks to the Interlocutor who perfectly knows the peculiarities and local needs



Business Consultancy

The first step towards success of your business in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is a business consultancy carried out by the experts of Swissvert.

What's new

You'll find the whole experience of Swissvert into useful pills: dynamics of the local market, news from the auto parts industry in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and much more.