Commercial management and promotion: full-service offered by Swissvert

Commercial management of your business and promotion of your brand is the strongest point of services  offered by Swissvert. Swissvert offers the unique and exclusive representation service.  

For more than 30 years it has been a point of reference ensuring a commercial success for more than 50 companies-leaders in the  Aftermarket industry in  Central and Eastern European countries.

Swissvert will help you develop a marketing strategy for each country and for each customer so you will be able to achieve all goals that you have fixed.
But the biggest advantage of your cooperation with Swissvert is the integrated service by means of your commercial office abroad.

The service Swissvert comes from a long-time experience and know-how in continuous development and includes several aspects: commercial management, promotion of the brand, logistics and after-sales support.

Swissvert provides you with reliable, professional and perfectly updated sales force.


The possibility to represent various manufacturers of auto parts with their own needs and peculiarities, helped us to acquire a deep knowledge of this field.  

Commercial management and logistics: the advantages to rely on Swissvert


Swissvert is able to handle every step of business management:  from order collection and transmission to logistics, from management of payments, to after-sales assistance.

Swissvert does not replace the company, but it is an integral part: it operates as a commercial office located in any market chosen by you, with all the benefits of fast and easy management.

The benefits for represented companies are obvious – you can recourse to efficient and expert sales network , we provide you with qualified staff which  can respond  directly to the major part  of customer needs, with a reasonable fair autonomy in decision-making (within fixed  limits) you can take advantages of  historical customer portfolio which financial capabilities Swissvert  is also aware of;

There are many advantages for customers: the fact to have representatives that are present directly in place who react within a short period of time without having to wait and implement complicated algorithms if managed directly by companies. What is more, we offer also a wide and varied range of brands of spare auto parts to meet everyone’s need.

Business Consultancy

The first step towards success of your business in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is a business consultancy carried out by the experts of Swissvert.

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You'll find the whole experience of Swissvert into useful pills: dynamics of the local market, news from the auto parts industry in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and much more.